The Music

Need help getting your music ready for release? We have a number of options available. Also check out our blog for songwriting tips and collaboration opportunities. We’re able to keep production costs low by using our own in-house studio and close team of world class quality musicians.

Basic Song Production – £75

If you’re looking for a simple, acoustic track for your songs featuring just guitar or piano then this is the package you need. Send us your demo and we’ll produce a backing track for you to use for recording and live performance. This is for original songs only, no covers.

Full Song Production – £175

This is for those of you looking for a full band arrangement of drums, bass, guitar and a keyboard part. Send us a demo and you’ll get a fully produced track of your song as individual stems and a stereo mix. This is for original songs only, no covers.

Mixing – £60

If your song is recorded but you still can’t quite get that professional edge then why not have one of our engineers mix it for you? We can match your sound to the correct engineer for the job and send you back a fully mixed, stereo .wav file


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Mastering – £30

If you want your song to compete with others on the radio then you need to get a professional touch. Mastering eradicates any EQ issues, boosts the volume without causing distortion or clipping and gives a track ‘air’. Professional mastering at just £30 per song.