Create High Quality Graphics For Free

Create High Quality Graphics For Free

As musicians we have to wear a lot of hats and quite often there is very little financial return for what we do. To assist with your music career, I’m going to be presenting you with a number of free or cheap options for getting your graphic design done.

One of the best free resources to become available in the past few years is I strongly recommend creating an account here. Canva have a range of pre-made templates available including release artwork, social media headers, newsletter templates and more. Many of their images are available for free although it is very easy to import your own graphics and images so that you can create something completely original.

All of your designs are saved in your Canva account which makes it easy for you to do edits and to regularly renew and update the graphics on your website and social media accounts. The files can easily be exported as .png or .jpg options. As an added bonus you can download the Canva app onto your phone and develop your artwork while you’re sitting on the sofa or travelling to work on the bus.

Another free and useful tool is the Pixlr Editor at This is an online editor is similar in style to Photoshop. Here, you can create original graphics in layers which gives you a lot of scope if you’re more experienced in graphic design. Pixlr o-matic allows you to add filters to images which can give a more professional edge. You can always develop your images in Pixlr and then import them to Canva in order to add high-quality text. Pixlr and o-matic also have app options.

Your phone is the perfect tool for snapping your own photography to use on artwork. Use the default camera or for more control over settings, download ProCam4, Hydra, Camera+ or ProCamera. Choose outdoor shots for natural lighting or get creative indoors with stage lighting, lamps and whatever else you have to hand.

If you really don’t have time for developing your own graphics or feel that you are not making progress and coming up with good results, you can also try the MusoZone marketplace. The marketplace features a growing number of professional graphic designers who can create artwork for you cheaply. Here you can find logos, release artwork, headers, press packs and more.

Whatever you’re looking for there will be something to suit your budget and personal taste.