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Looking at our examples, make sure to send us everything we need to fill in all of the different sections for you. This includes:

– a good quality artist picture (min 500 px square, 300dpi)
– the artist logo (min 250 px square, 300dpi)
– a brief biog
– press quotes if you have them
– key markets that you have either performed well in or are targeting
– marketing points, i.e. any good accomplishments achieved so far
– contact and website info
– the release artwork (min 500 px square, 300dpi)
– the release track listing (single, e.p. or album)
– the release metadata, e.g. artist name, release name, release date, genre, release formats, product price, one or two best tracks from the release, hometown of band / artist, release label name
– the label or promotional company logo if you have one (min 250 px square, 300dpi)

Please make sure that data is accurate, although we will offer one revision at the end to correct any errors.

Once you purchase, we will send you a dropbox link for submitting your materials. Please have everything ready before purchase.


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