Fix Vocal Pitch And Timing



Manual pitch and timing correction of your vocal track. Once you purchase, we’ll send you a dropbox link for submitting your vocal takes and backing track.

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All professional tracks benefit from vocal editing, even with the best singers in the world. Using our own studio we will fine tune the pitch and timing on your vocal track to iron out any small imperfections.

Send us your vocal track as a .wav, your backing track as a ‘wav or .mp3 and the bpm of your track. We will import and fine tune your vocal track, returning it to you as a .wav file ready to be dropped into your final mix.

Please note that we do not just apply filters to fix the track – this is manually done for the best, most natural effect. If you want us to sort out other vocal track issues then please check out our additional packages.

Please note that this is for up to 5 minutes of vocal. If your track is longer then please buy multiples.

N.B. Anything way off the required note could sound a little digitised no matter what we do so we recommend getting the best possible take that you can before submitting.

The Basic Fix – manual pitch correction of your vocal track. No revisions, up to 3 working days.

The Whole Fix – send the untreated version of your vocal track and we will fix any pitch, timing and breath issues. One revision, up to 5 working days.

The Full Works – send multiple vocal takes and we will send you a fully prepared vocal track. Two revisions, up to 7 working days.


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