Album Release Campaign (UK)


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This is a budget promotion campaign designed for labels that includes radio, tv, blog, press and online promotion.

With 30+ years music industry experience and 18+ years Digital Marketing experience, we are the perfect choice for independent labels looking to outsource their marketing.

  • includes two single releases
  • entire campaign spread across four months
  • includes work to secure airplay, interviews and reviews
  • work to expand your fan base and encourage mailing list and social media signup
  • EPK and copy of the releases sent to radio, bloggers, tv, etc
  • press releases sent to bloggers and media outlets
  • we work closely with you to ensure good social media coverage and fan interaction
  • we have more than 1000 UK music industry contacts
  • this is much cheaper than many services, we are┬ádigital marketing experts and minimise mailout costs


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