Album Release Training

A step-by-step course that takes you through the entire album release process from start to finish. You’ll be working on, registering, releasing and promoting your own music during this period and learning how to grow your fan base and your royalty income.


This nine month online course takes you through the lifetime of an album release in real time, from songwriting to promotion. The aim is that at the end of the course you will have a quality product released, industry contacts, a growing fan base and royalties due from airplay and performance of your songs.

Due to the nature of this course we can only run it annually. Registration is now open for the 2019 training session.

Please be aware that in additional to the course itself, there are costs involved in running a music career, such as studio time, mixing, mastering, artwork, etc. We fully expect our students to be in full-time employment and the training is flexible to fit around this. We will be challenging you with a number of weekly tasks that can be carried out in your own time and all of our training content can be viewed at a time that is convenient for you.

Anyone who joins our course will have continued access, so you can use the same blueprint for future releases and benefit from any new and updated training materials that we add. You’ll also be part of the MusoZone family, with other benefits and opportunities being made available to you.

Included with the course is one year of hosting for your website (normally £42 annually) and if required we will install WordPress, a great premium theme and set up the pages you need so you only have to add content. You’ll also get chance for feedback and interaction with the Tutors and other course members.

This training is available to students globally. Timezone differences should not affect your training as all course materials and feedback are available for you to view online. Although we are operating primarily in the UK music market, the same principles apply globally and all training can be used within your own music territory or any other territories that you are aiming to break into.


The course is divided into four parts and includes modules on Songwriting, Production, Studio Time, Graphics, Image, Websites, Digital Marketing, Tour Booking, Radio Promotion, Sync and much more.

You’ll have a simple checklist of tasks that need completing each week.

Duration: 9 months

Start Date: 1st February 2019

Timetable: one online module per week

Registration Is Now Open For 2019 Training

Payment is via PayPal and will appear as MusoZone on your statement.

Pay in full £880.00

6 Monthly Installments £148.00 (£888.00)