GDPR – Useful Plugins To Help You Get Compliant

GDPR – Useful Plugins To Help You Get Compliant

A huge part of getting GDPR compliant involves getting your website in order and making sure that you receive consent for absolutely everything. For starters you’ll need visitors to agree to your terms and for every area where they can input data you’re going to need an extra level of verification in the form on an unchecked tickbox that they have to click, so that there is absolutely no doubt left that approval is being given. You’ll also need to ensure that all data is protected and that should your visitors request it, you can provide details of all data relating to them that has been stored on your site.

We’ve put together a selection of great, free plugins for your WordPress site that will help you to achieve compliancy. They’re going to be intrusive but sadly that’s the price we have to pay for being website owners in 2018 and beyond. I’ve added links so you can visit the information pages on the website (all open in a new tab) but don’t forget that it’s much easier to download and install them directly in your WordPress admin panel via the plugins tab.

WP Security Audit Log

This extremely useful plugin logs everything that occurs on your site, including installations, deletions, updates, posts and user activity across the site. It also rather terrifyingly shows you how many people or bots are trying to gain access to your site in the forms of 404 errors. Should someone request details of what information you store on them, you can export reports using the paid version which starts at US$89.

View WP Audit Security Log Here

Wordfence Security

This is a great free service that scans, monitors and blocks visitors with malicious intent. On your dashboard you’ll be able to see all attempts to log in to your site and which IP addresses have been barred. You’ll be continually prompted to add an email address to complete installation. I did this and receive emails every time any of my plugins needs updating.

View Wordfence Security Here

Cookie Notice

This has been our favourite Cookie plugin due to it’s ease of use and the options that you’re given – offering yes, no and read more buttons. You can have this up and running in less than five minutes with a link to your privacy policy page.

View Cookie Notice Here


This is a very useful plugin that’s been specifically designed to gather consent. Every time you make changes to your Privacy Policy, you can request approval from all website visitors. Anyone clicking on your stie will be required to agree to these fresh terms before being able to view anything (you’ll have seen it pop up here).

View GDPR Here


Good news if you’re using WooCommerce on your site – their new update adds some GDPR functionality, another step towards being compliant. A link to your terms and a checkbox will now appear whenever visitors are prompted to input information so that they can be in no doubt about how their information will be stored and used. Go into WooCommerce Settings and in the Accounts and Privacy tab you’ll see that there’s a couple of checkbox options for removing personal data from orders. You can also use the dropdown box below this to link to your Privacy Policy page.

Disclaimer: the above is not legal advice and does not make you fully GDPR compliant, you are responsible for meeting GDPR compliancy on your own website.

GDPR – The WordPress Privacy Policy

GDPR – The WordPress Privacy Policy

If you’re worried about the new EU GDPR laws coming into effect on Friday 25th May then don’t panic, help is out there. There has been lots of talk of potential big fines being issued, but as we understand it there are three stages before this that include a warning, a reprimand and data blocking, giving you plenty of opportunity to get fully compliant first.

One of the key issues with the new legislation is operating in a transparent manner and letting your website visitors know exactly what data is being collected and for what purpose. This includes obvious data that can be used to identify a person, such as name and email address on mailing lists but also less obvious data, such as Google Analytics. You also have to have consent from a person before they can add a comment to any of your posts.

The best first step you can take is to create a Privacy Policy. The good news is that WordPress introduced a new update this week that automatically generates one for you. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Settings > Privacy and you’ll see a way to either add an existing page or generate a new one with some sample text. You’ll need to tweak the text as prompted so that the document is tailored specifically to your website. If you already have a privacy policy, go ahead and generate a new one anyway and save it under a different page name. You may be able to draw upon some of the data and add it to your own page.

You’ll then need to add a menu link to your finished page, normally in the footer (depending on what theme you’re using).

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and it does not make you fully GDPR compliant.

Setting Up A Band Website

Setting Up A Band Website

A question I see a lot is how can I set up a band website that’s cheap with no hassle. As someone whose own website is 18 years old this year I can consider myself an expert in this area which is why I’ve set up the option for you to have a WordPress website hosted by us. Take out our monthly hosting and we’ll even install WordPress for you, along with a really cool theme, some essential plugins and your basic pages created, so all you need to do is add the content.

How can we create such ridiculously cheap offer?

Well firstly, I have also been a musician for my entire career and know how difficult it is. We have to wear so many hats that quite often we don’t get enough time left work on music. It’s why I’ve tried to make this process as simple as possible for you, so that you can have a high-quality website on a musicians budget.

Also we are looking for a long-term relationship with you. We want to see some success stories and this is just one of the ways that we will be able to help you to progress your career.

We have encountered many musicians that are unsure whether to choose WordPress or an online website builder for creating their website. As someone with so many years experience in web design I would strongly advise against using an online website building site. The reason being is that having your own site will give professional edge. You won’t have to have links in the footer or any other types of advertising on your site that you do not wish to be there.

Also with your own WordPress site there are no limits on how many pages and plugins you can add because it is self-hosted. We know what a music website needs and offer very generous packages for disk space and bandwidth. We also offer lots of guides on our website and monthly newsletter updates to help you to get the most out of your site without taking up too much of your time.

The first step to getting online is purchasing your domain name. We strongly recommend who are a very reputable company and someone that we have used for many years for domain registration. We’ve come across too many horror stories in the past where people have lost control over their own domain names due to the registrar company changing hands. If you purchase your domain through a service such as Heart Internet then you are totally in control of your domain and of the renewal process, so you are unlikely to lose your name.

A .com domain name will cost you £10.99 plus VAT per year. We suggest purchasing both the .com and the (or whichever TLD is applicable to your home Country) in order to prevent anyone else from acquiring your name. You can use the tools at Heart Internet to point your domain name to your .com site, so that if people do type it into their browser, they will be redirected to your main site.

When you have purchased your new domain name you can set up your subscription for one of our hosting packages. This costs just £3.50 per month via PayPal subscription. Once we have received details of your purchase and your domain name, we will set up your hosting package and install the theme and blank pages within 24 to 48 hours (it can take a while for your new domain to settle down, or propagate, so the length of time that it takes us will be dependent on this). Once we have created your hosting package you will need to go back into your Heart Internet account and change the domain Nameserver, so that your new domain is pointing to our server and can display your site.

We look forward to hosting your brand-new music website.