Copy what the major labels do and build a successful music career

Do you get excited about releasing music only for release day to end up as an anticlimax – no interaction from fans, no airplay, very few downloads or streams. If you’re going to spend time crafting a fantastic album then you need to spend time creating a fantastic release campaign too.

A band’s career has traditionally been built around album releases.

It’s roughly a one year cycle and applies whether you’re on a label or self-releasing.

But do you really know how it’s supposed to work and what timeline you should be following?

Do you know what to do during your release campaign to improve your chances of success?

This Free PDF will give you a basic overview of how a release campaign works, including:

  • the timeline of the campaign
  • who to send your music to
  • when to release your singles
  • when you should be promoting to the industry
  • when you should start promoting to fans
  • and much more

Use this as a blueprint to plan out your entire music career and to grow your following with each new album release.

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