What Is A Onesheet

A Onesheet is an A4 document that basically lets any promoters, venues and press guys see all of your important information at a glance. Usually it’s created / updated to promote your new release and accompanying tour. The document is usually saved as a PDF since these files are small enough to email out and can be easily printed if necessary. Don’t worry about how to create it, check out our previous post on creating free graphics and use the A4 or Letterhead templates at canva.com to get started.

What You Need Before Starting Your Onesheet

If you have an album release ready to go then you should have already thought about the look and feel of the visuals and have created them ready for launch. If not then you need to do that first in order to keep everything consistent across your release campaign. You’ll need your up to date band photos, your release artwork and your current logo design. All of these will need to be added to the top of your Onesheet. You’ll also need your updated biog, tracklisting, finalised tour dates and team contact details.

Onesheet Information

Decide how you would like your Onesheet to be laid out and add your image, logo and release artwork. The headline is usually the album name and release date.

One the left add a brief Biog – don’t add sensationalist things here, just keep it to the point. Journalists need facts, not hype. Next add half a dozen press or industry quotes (which you should be gathering constantly). Next add the key markets that you’ll be targeting during your promotional campaign, i.e. the countries where you’ll be running paid marketing campaigns or visiting on your tour. Do your research beforehand to find out where your main fan bases are. Below this, add ‘For Fans Of’ and list two or three major artists that you are similar in style to.

Next list your key achievements to date as bullet points – this can be sold out gigs, radio interviews, tv appearances – something to show that you are a band that ‘s active and growing. At the bottom add your team contact details and your website address.

On the right hand side of the page you can add the tracklisting details of your album, the release metadata (title, release date, genre, label name, etc.). Highlight your top three tracks here so that journalists can jump straight to the album highlights, they have limited time available.  Finally, add your tour dates. Sometimes it’s necessary to go onto a second sheet but try to keep to one sheet of A4 if you can.

If you’re doing a general media Onesheet for your website press page then as your headline, add in details of the genre you play in and skip adding the release info, i.e. artwork, metadata and tour dates.

If you use canva.com then you’ll be glad to know that your documents are all saved so that you can go back and edit them at any time. If you’re really not keen on making your own Onesheet then check out the Promotion section of our marketplace