Tour Booking

Your product is now created but there”s still one more thing to do before the release campaign can begin – get your tour set up! Some venues book months in advance so you’ll need to make sure that your preferred gig dates are available before finalising your album release date.

Venue Booking Service – £250

Help setting up a mini UK tour

  • send us your preferred locations and dates
  • we can book 5-10 dates over the course of two weeks
  • we start you on entry level venues and move up with each subsequent tour
  • be aware that some higher level venues charge a fee to play

Tour Itinerary Service – £75

Minimise your costs on the road

  • itinerary written by professional tour manager
  • minimise spend with an itinerary that covers all eventualities
  • make the transition between venues easier
  • ensure that no equipment is forgotten with a checklist