The Product

Now that you have your music recorded and your infrastructure built, it’s time to create and package your product. At the very least you’ll want to have CDs and t-shirts available in your store. Some genres of music will benefit greatly from having vinyl products available. Remember that the average fan will spend around £120 per year so you need to make sure that they have product to buy.

Digital Tracks – £12

Preparation of tracks for release

  • up to 15 tracks
  • convert wav to high quality mp3
  • add all metadata to tracks
  • create one minute previews

Barcodes – £2

Get a GSIUK barcode for your release

  • cost is per product
  • must be renewed annually

UK Chart Eligibility – £6

Make your release chart eligible

  • inclusion in the correct databases
  • registered for chart inclusion

CDs – £250

CD manufacture coming soon

Vinyl – £500

Vinyl manufacture coming soon

Merch – £150

Merch manufacture coming soon