Indie Marketing Campaign (UK)


Designed just for independent musicians and artists, this is the perfect solution to getting a new single, e.p. or album release campaign up and running. It’s an affordable way to ensure that your new music is promoted via the correct channels to the music industry. We also put a strong emphasis on growing your fan base and work to find you new superfans.

  • create a buzz around your release
  • get marketed to industry
  • grow your fan base


Trust the experts with 30+ years music industry experience and 18+ years Digital Marketing experience – this is a great start to creating a buzz around your new release.

Services include:

  • ensuring your metadata is fully completed
  • pdf onesheet
  • registration on key music databases
  • wikipedia update providing you already have a presence there or have accomplishments that fit wikipedia guidelines
  • submission to music magazines
  • submission to blogs and tastemakers
  • submission to radio stations
  • header graphics for use on social media and website
  • social media marketing blueprint ebook
  • a paid campaign to help grow your fanbase

We prefer a 12 week lead time in order to get everything in place and to contact magazines before they go to print.

To complete this service we’re going to need:

  • your completed track as a .wav file
  • your artwork in hi-res
  • your band logo in hi-res
  • the release metadata
  • the name of the label you are releasing on
  • any supporting photographs that you have as part of your promo campaign
  • your biog / industry quotes / tour dates
  • any other information you think may be relevant


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