Have you claimed your spotify artist profile yet? It’s really easy to maximise your potential on spotify and the first step to doing this is to access your profile on the spotify website so that you can upload header pictures, bio, tour dates and social links.

Head over to artists.spotify.com and fill in the claim form. Spotify will check your claim and get back to you within a couple of days. Once logged in, you can change your header image, add gig dates and update your about me section, including adding up to date information about your latest campaigns and links to your profile pages. Use the artist pick area at the top of your page to pin your latest playlist. Make sure that you update your content fairly frequently to encourage repeat visits and listens.

Spotify Barcodes

Spotify scannable barcodes are a new feature and you’ll see them appearing as chunky looking wave files underneath artwork images. Head over to spotifycodes.com and paste in a URL from your Spotify profile. You’ll be provided with your own scannable code that you can embed onto your website or add to promotional materials. These codes can be read inside the Spotify app – open the app on your phone, select search on the bottom bar, click into the search box then select the camera icon – pointing this at a Spotify barcode can take you straight to an artist, song, album or playlist URL.

Spotify Playlists

One of the key strategies for an artist in 2018 is playlists and by accessing your artist profile, you have more control over playlist submission, a new feature added recently.

Spotify have a couple of AI generated playlists which can really help to raise your profile and let your fans know as soon as you have new music out. Each of your followers will be notified of new releases in the Release Radar list so it’s important to encourage people to follow your profile. Discover Weekly keeps an eye on the kind of music people are listening to and suggests similar artists and bands which can be of huge benefit to you when you’re also getting suggested to fans of your genre around the globe.

It’s an extremely good idea to create your own playlists for different moods, e.g. think about what kind of venue your music would work well in, e.g. a coffee shop, then create a coffee shop playlist, embedding one or two of your own tunes into it. Promote this playlist across your social media channels. Also make sure that your songs are listed on Shazam so that if anyone does happen to really like your track, they can find out who is playing.

A brand new and exciting feature for Autumn 2018 is playlist submission. You can now submit your songs directly to key Spotify playlists to request inclusion. Make sure to give a detailed description of your song to the playlist curators and submit it at least seven days in advance of the release date so that they have time to include you.

Spotify Analytics

The final benefit of claiming your page is the ability to view your stats. Keep an eye on which cities stream your music the most so that you can make decisions on future tour dates. You can also run an artist comparison and find similar artists to yourself, which can assist you when making your own career decisions.