MusoZone - Album Release Timeline Introduction

A band’s career is built around album releases. This applies whether you’re on a label or self-releasing. It’s roughly a one year cycle that includes a short break inbetween that’s repeated annually for each new release. There are some newer business models whereby artists just release singles but our advice is that unless you’re a DJ/Producer, if you want to build a sustainable career and a strong following you’re best to concentrate on album campaigns (if you just want to release singles then these tips will work for you too so keep reading).

For many artists, uploading an album to iTunes as soon as it’s created and then annoucing it on Facebook is their entire campaign and then they’re dissapointed that it didn’t achieve sales. Do you know what to do during your release campaign to improve your chances of success? Are you:

  • not sure how to correctly promote your music
  • tired of releasing your music and it not getting any attention
  • wanting to earn back some of the money you’ve spent in recording studios
  • not quite sure how the industry works

Then this site is for you!

Here you’ll get a basic overview of how a record label carries out an album campaign. It may seem like a long process but there are tried and tested reasons behind this. You put a lot of effort into creating your album, so your carefully crafted music also deserves a carefully crafted release campaign to get the best out of it, maximise it’s potential and grow your fan base. Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • the timeline of the campaign
  • when to promote to industry and when to promote to fans
  • what to do to build a sustainable income from your music

This may seem like a long-winded process but as you get into it you’ll start to realise that there’s a lot to be done and you’re going to be very busy every week. This workload would normally be handled by various record label departments. Don’t try to do everything alone if you want a high quality end result, gather a team of experts around you, especially if you’re not a strong songwriter, graphic designer, copywriter, etc.

As you progress through the training and plan your own release, you’ll see which team members you’re short of. Most of the time success comes from teamwork and putting the right team together around you is a valuable skill. No entrepreneur finds success alone and it’s the same for bands and artists.