managing an independant music career

We’re a company dedicated to supporting musicians. We know how hard it is to gather all of the elements you need to come up with a successful release. We know that paying for expert help can be tough. A standard record label will have different departments for covering different areas of the business, including:

A&R / Business Affairs / Art Department / Production and Stock Control / Marketing and Promotion / Sales Reps / Orders and Warehousing / Accounts and Royalties / Online Strategy

With more than 30 years experience and ongoing daily involvement in the music industry, we can be your guide to setting up and running a successful music career. We can guide you through the whole cycle, from your creative process, building an image around your release, setting up all of your marketing channels, booking a tour and running your release campaign.

Latest Articles

Album Release Timeline – Songwriting

Album Release Timeline – Songwriting

Step 1 - Songwriting Before you can start creating anything, you need to know who you are as a band or artist and who your end customer will be. You’re in this business to create music because that’s what you love to do, but you also need to make some sales if you’re...

Album Release Timeline – Introduction

Album Release Timeline – Introduction

A band’s career is built around album releases. This applies whether you’re on a label or self-releasing. It’s roughly a one year cycle that includes a short break inbetween that’s repeated annually for each new release. There are some newer business models whereby...

Editor Notes – August 2020

Editor Notes – August 2020

Hey folks, I’ve decided to have a shakeup of the site this month. The first step has been moving to a new host, hence the temporary downtime recently. This has been an incredibly tough year for us all so far, with more belt-tightening yet to come, so I’ve decided that...

Get Help With:

The Music

  • songwriting
  • arranging
  • recording
  • mixing and mastering
  • full song production

The Infrastructure

  • band website
  • social media profiles
  • newsletter opt-in
  • band logo
  • band image

The Product

  • digital tracks
  • cd and vinyl
  • merchandise
  • free barcodes
  • UK chart eligible

Tour Booking

  • budgeting for a tour
  • choosing a route / venues
  • planning your show
  • what you need to take
  • how to monetise your tour


  • digital distribution
  • physical distribution
  • video distribution
  • free ISRC codes
  • setting up your label


  • tv and radio plugging
  • magazine and blog promo
  • press and pr
  • database registration
  • full release campaigns